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Nov 30, 2019

Crawley Yoga Studio

Embodying Sukha: Gentle Hatha-Flow & Meditation 15:00-16:30

Join Charlotte for the first of her special winter offerings at Crawley Yoga.

Our autonomic nervous system evolved to keep us safe. It's job, to scan for signals of danger but it is overused for situations it was never intended to deal with. The good news is we can draw on yoga practice & ancient philosophy to help regulate the nervous system’s response. Compassionate responses are part of our human nervous system & can be embodied in simple yoga awareness practices.

Yoga practices like gentle asana, breathing, self-study & meditation can help us gradually reshape our nervous system toward greater compassion & sweetness or sukha.

Join Charlotte for this 90 minute special class, to align with your compassionate self & provide yourself with the sukha & compassion your deserve.


Earlybird £12 ends 10th November

Full Price £18

Dec 14, 2019

Crawley Yoga Studio

Trusting the Wisdom of your Body – Hatha, Breath & Meditation 15:00-16:30

An invitation to tune into your inherent wisdom—to trust that wisdom & let your practice be informed by it.

Charlotte returns to us to teach one of her well-loved gentle special classes.

Charlotte's class will be a celebration of using the body appropriately with darkness, cosiness & candles. She will ask you to set an intention for your practice. Having an intention helps to direct the mind, keeping it focused and preventing it from straying. Having clarity of mind with a focused practice allows us all to practice fulfilling our personal goals, whatever they may be.

Your practice will include Hatha Yoga & focussed breathing to improve the functioning of your autonomic nervous system, allowing you to feel more vital, present, balanced & at ease.

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor & no two beings are alike. We each have our own physical, energetic, mental, emotional & spiritual blueprint. Each asana can be adapted to fit our specific needs, rather than adapting the individual to fit into a generally prescribed alignment of a pose. So you'll have the time & space to feel your poses, hear your breath & relax deeply, whilst using your body appropriately.

Suitable for everyone.


Earlybird £12 ends 30th November

Full Price £18

Dec 26, 2019

Crawley Yoga Studio

Boxing day special - Reflecting & Intention Setting - Hatha & Meditation 09:30-10:45

Join Charlotte on Boxing day, as you reflect on the year that is coming to an end & set gentle, attainable intentions for 2020.


Open to all practitioners.

So much happens in a year, some things won't have gone to plan, life will not always been easy or perfect but some real reflection can help us to realise all the wonderful things that did happen, what worked & did go right & reflection can help us see where we want to start to go in the coming year.

If we are what we think and believe, then our attitude & the purpose behind what we do & how we live matters.

Intention setting is so much more powerful than easily breakable New Year’s resolutions.

A resolution has no wiggle room, an intention sets the general direction of a journey & has plenty of wriggle room, it is why us yogis use them. When the intention is light & not rigid, it is so much easier to stick to.

The New Year is a great chance for us to think about where we are headed and how we are living, to see if things need to change and decide to do better.


*Special Instructions

Feel free to bring a notebook for recording anything useful that comes up. x

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On Request

Private Group Classes

These classes can be tailored to your group’s collective needs. Whether you want the time to relax, stretch, build strength, tone up or practice mindfulness ; The yoga teacher will plan a session to incorporate styles of yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Meditation and Pranyama before you get together to make sure you all get the most out of your hour!


(3 or more people) Please Enquire

-This a mobile service where the teacher visits your home or space of choice

-Tapah Yoga can arrange space hire for an additional charge

-Mileage is charged for postcodes out of 5 mile radius of Crawley

-Mat Hire available


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